The Metaverse Lets Us Explore the Human Imagination, Says The Sandbox Founder

While interest in the metaverse seems to be slowing down a space pioneer is still hard at work, advocating the open metaverse, a decentra...

While interest in the metaverse seems to be slowing downa space pioneer is still hard at work, advocating the open metaverse, a decentralized and interoperable multiverse.

In an interview with Cointelegraph BrazilS├ębastien Borget, the founder of open-world blockchain game The Sandbox, shared some of his thoughts and expertise on Web3 and the state of the metaverse.

According to Borget, the metaverse is a gateway to new experiences limited only by what users can think of. He explained that:

“Web 3.0 and the metaverse allow everyone to become an explorer of our human imagination, inventing new parallel universes where we can choose the experiences we want to have.

The Sandbox founder also mentions that the metaverse has already begun to influence the way people “socialize, form economic relationships, and come together in communities.” He thinks that within a decade there will be more developments in space.

“We predict that over the next 10 years, the metaverse will have profoundly transformed the way we think about how we work, socialize, play, and earn from the economic opportunities and jobs it creates.”

Borget believes that the role of platforms should be to ensure that the creative process is fun and rewarding and that listening to what users want should be the priority. “We created this ecosystem, but the experiences and assets that players create and share are what drive it,” says Borget.

Apart from these, the governance of the metaverse must be transferred to the users according to Borget. This will be done through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) launch with voting mechanisms.

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The Sandbox offers a decentralized metaverse. Borget explains that this means its users are not locked into its platform. “It’s important to us that content you own or create in The Sandbox can be transferred to other open metaverses, and vice versa,” he said. Borget also points out that decentralization is the way forward, rather than being stuck in a Web2 “microverse,” where content ownership is trapped by big tech.

“We strongly advocate that the core of the open metaverse be decentralization, interoperability, and creator-generated content.”

When asked what’s next for The Sandbox, the founder explained that the team is building the platform step by step. “Our vision of a decentralized entertainment metaverse where everyone can play, create, and be rewarded for their time through play-to-win resonates strongly. Step by step, we are building the ecosystem to realize the potential The Sandbox offers gamers, creators and partners”, explains Borget.

S├ębastien Borget, Founder and COO of The Sandbox. Source:

Apart from that, the founder explains that the next step is to allow creators to build and share experiences on their land. Borget says people can expect more original community-generated content in the future.

The Sandbox executive also pointed out that despite countries like the United States, China, and Turkey announcing metaverse strategies, these parties would be unable to control the metaverse. “This diversity of ownership means that no one party can control the metaverse,” he said.

Borget also mentions that Sandbox is also about making the game fairer. The founder says that they “mostly want to make The Sandbox a welcoming place for women as creators and gamers.” It can potentially also bring more women to the web3.

“We support creators’ efforts to create inclusive worlds that can inspire players to see beyond external differences while appreciating them.”