Are Tai Lopez's NFTs leading the market? Alibaba's Massage Gun Scandal...and More

Some members of the NFT community fear that the top of the market may be reached after Tai Lopez, the controversial entrepreneur and soci...

Some members of the NFT community fear that the top of the market may be reached after Tai Lopez, the controversial entrepreneur and social media star famous for his bizarre marketing tactics, launched his own NFT project.

The NFT Project is dubbed the “OG (Original Garage) Social Club” and pays homage to its highly memorable 2015 ad in which Lopez displayed her Ferrari and the 2000 new books in her garage to promote her so-called business courses. doubtful assess.

NFTs come in three levels of rarity, including silver “Mentorship” cards, gold “Mastermind” cards, and black “1 on 1 Mentorship” cards which all grant access to an online social club and varying levels of skill. access to Lopez himself.

For example, in the Silver level, there is an NFT, would have priced at 18.4 Ether ($50,000), which gives the owner a chance to win $10,000 via a one-on-one basketball game with Lopez. While a gold-level NFT allows the hodler to watch a two-hour movie starring Lopez, once a year for up to three years.

Alibaba’s NFT market bans massage guns

Alibaba has reportedly suspended more than 680 users from its NFT Jingtan marketplace for using massage guns and computer software to spam the shopping process to purchase non-fungible products on the platform.

According to an Alibaba representative who spoke to Forkast News on March 9, the firm’s technical department believes that some users were using the massage guns to perform rapid mouse clicks on buy buttons.

Accounts accused of purchasing spam were suspended for a year, with Jingtan calling the activity “cheating” and in violation of its usage policy.

English Premier League considering NFTs

The English Premier League (EPL) is reportedly aiming to launch officially licensed NFTs later this year.

The EPL is the most famous professional football league in the world and wants to replicate the success of token sports collectibles from other projects such as Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot.

According to a March 8 report According to British newspaper The Telegraph, the 20 clubs discussed the sale of NFT rights at a shareholder meeting on Tuesday, and the League is carefully considering which blockchain and company to partner with, as the deal could be worth hundreds of dollars. million pounds. More details are scarce at this point.

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Bored Ape Volume Tanks 65%

The volume for the very popular and recently charitable The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT project has fallen 65% in the past 30 days. But maybe that’s just because they’re way too expensive.

According to data from DappRadar, BAYC generated $92.14 million in secondary sales over the past month from a total of 526 merchants (which is also down 58.22%).

While the NFT market seems to be going through a sharp decline at all levelsa contributing factor to lower BAYC volume may also be its soaring price floor.

Data from DappRadar shows that the floor price has risen 22.16% over the past 30 days to stand at around $197,800.

30-Day BAYC Volume: DappRadar

Other interesting news

The Exchange announced the airdrop of his non-fungible token (NFT) collection “The Moment of Truth” Wednesday featuring Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James to 5,550 randomly selected viewers of his Super Bowl Advertising.

The Sandbox Metaverse announced its partnership with the NFT World of Women, or WoW, community to launch the WoW Foundation. A $25 million grant from The Sandbox will help fund the foundation over the next five years.