75% of Emerging Market Investors Want More Crypto: Survey

A recent survey revealed that a whopping 75% of investors in emerging markets in Asia-Pacific and Latin America are looking to increase t...

A recent survey revealed that a whopping 75% of investors in emerging markets in Asia-Pacific and Latin America are looking to increase their exposure to cryptocurrency investments.

Researchers from consumer opinion firm Toluna surveyed 9,000 people from 17 countries to complete the report published in February, which found that more investors in emerging markets APAC and LATAM believe cryptocurrency investments are on a long-term uptrend. This contrasts with developed markets which tend to believe that crypto is in the midst of another hype cycle.

Emerging markets appear to be the most lucrative markets for cryptocurrency industry growth, as 32% of consumers surveyed trust cryptocurrency, compared to just 14% in developed markets such as the United States. United and EU.

The data suggests that two of the biggest contributors to the big differences in investment strategy are likely knowledge and understanding of crypto markets. Although 61% of respondents said they were aware of crypto, only 23% said they were aware of the asset class. Toluna suggests this may be because “it’s a complex concept that’s not easy to understand.”

Nowadays, crypto and non-fungible tokens (NFT) advertising can be found in many places, including professional sports arenas around the world, which increases awareness but not necessarily understanding.

The relative difference in confidence is reflected in the disparity between those who have invested in crypto in emerging markets (41%) and developed countries (22%) of respondents. The difference in confidence is further illustrated by the lower sense of risk perceived by investors in emerging markets. Only 25% of emerging market investors think crypto is too risky to try, while 42% of developed markets think that way.

However, the overall perceived risk in crypto remains high, as the report states, “45% of consumers agree that cryptocurrencies are not guaranteed to succeed.” It continues:

“While 61% of consumers trust fixed and traditional deposits, only 23% say they trust cryptocurrency deposits in today’s market.”

The survey concluded that the generation with the highest proportion of crypto investors was millennials. Toluna found that on average 40.5% of surveyed Millennials aged 25-34 in emerging and developed markets are investing in cryptography. These data match other similar surveys such as Morning Consult, which found that 48% of millennial households surveyed owned crypto by Dec 2021.

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Gen Z investors between the ages of 18 and 24 reported an investment rate just below Millennials at 40% between the two markets. However, baby boomers aged 57-64 had the lowest rate of investment with only 21% saying they would consider investing in crypto.