Jordan Peterson wraps his divisive giant brain around Bitcoin

Controversial Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson appears to have turned to Bitcoin in the latest episode of his podcast. On August 10...

Controversial Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson appears to have turned to Bitcoin in the latest episode of his podcast.

On August 10, Peterson released a podcast titled “Bitcoin: The Future of Money?” which hosted a panel of Bitcoiners including John Vallis, host of the Bitcoin Rapid-Fire podcast, Bitcoin coder Der Gigi, film creator Richard James and Robert Breedlove, former hedge fund manager and host of “What is Money?” ” show.

In the video, Peterson – who claims to have an IQ of around 150 – offers a succinct description of the innovation Bitcoin derives its value from:

“It’s a very interesting idea that in some way Bitcoin provides an incorruptible language of value preferable to gold.”

Throughout the episode, the 59-year-old author urged his guests to give their thoughts on the value Bitcoin brings to society, and in turn, he then re-articulated their responses to them in an effort to be a fundamental idea of ​​its key concepts.

“Then [Bitcoin] is completely transparent. It’s completely distributed. There is no centralized authority. He cannot be cracked. It cannot be stolen. It does not swell. It cannot be inflated. It is not subject to any form of overt administrative control, ”he said.

Although Peterson is not known as a supporter of cryptography, he may know more about Bitcoin and blockchain technology than he suggests in the video. The psychologist started accepting BTC donations in 2018 after boycotting Patreon over free speech concerns.

The clinical psychologist has publicly discussed the importance of blockchain technology on various occasions, and in an interview with Grant Blaisdell in January 2020, he tentatively stated that:

“There are a whole bunch of problems that this new system solves, but you can be pretty darn sure it’s going to introduce a whole bunch of problems.”

Peterson also asked guests what they thought were the downsides of Bitcoin, and referred to Elon Musk. environmental concerns surrounding the sustainability of mining practices behind the asset.

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The consensus among guests was that the energy required to maintain the Bitcoin network was worth it because of its transformative effects on society in terms of decentralization, Gigi suggesting that “society, in general, is asking these questions about all kinds. of things, are the cars worth it? Are smartphones worth it? Is the Internet Worth It? “

Peterson then summed up the discussion by stating that if Bitcoin’s value propositions were true, the result would be:

“Whatever energy is spent in producing Bitcoin and maintaining the system, it should be more than recouped by the increased efficiency of every system that uses Bitcoin as a transactional device.”

“And so there will be a net energy gain and not a net energy loss if you calculate it across the entire system. And so it is a mistake to simply look at the cost of generating Bitcoin without considering the efficiency gains that Bitcoin would produce, ”he said.