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White House Was 'Failed by Health Officials' Early On, US Was 'Situationally Blind' in February

Former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb said on Face the Nation Sunday that White House leadership was “failed by health officials” early on during the coronavirus crisis early on in the pandemic.

Margaret Brennan first spoke with Gottlieb about what a realistic timeline for vaccines would look like, before turning to Bob Woodward’s book and President Donald Trump’s early downplaying of the severity of the coronavirus.

“Do you think the critical failing here was one of public messaging or was it operational?” brennan asked.

Gottlieb said the public messaging “wasn’t clear and consistent in the outset and could have been better at all levels of government,” saying that the biggest failing in February was that “we were situationally blind, we had no idea where this virus was and wasn’t spreading.”

What health officials were saying, Gottlieb continued, “may have impacted what he did and didn’t say” and so “we were so confident in drawing conclusions off of what proved to be faulty information and incomplete information.”

“Are you saying he was failed by health officials? Are you letting him off the hook?” Brennan asked.

“I think in this respect, the White House leadership was failed by health officials,” Gottlieb responded. “Ultimately the White House did not have the information they need to make decisions. The key function of agencies and the government is to provide policymakers with accurate, actionable information. The White House didn’t have it. And I had a lot of conversations with the White House over this time period because I was concerned it was spreading here, and I was pushing them on that. And they were- they were telling me over and over that they were hearing from top officials from the agencies that they were pretty confident that it wasn’t spreading here. I think when history looks back, that’s going to be a key moment. That’s what was going on over February.”

You can watch above, via CBS.

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