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Weight loss: Tom Kerridge shares diet and exercise plan he used to shed 12 stone

Tom Kerridge, 47, is a celebrity chef who has opened up about his weight loss transformation. He explained he slimmed down by a whopping 12 stone. Appearing on Tom Kerridge’s Lose Weight for Good, he gave a look into his diet plan.

In Tom Kerridge’s Lose Weight for Good on BBC, the chef offers healthier alternatives to some of the most calorific meals.

In tonight’s episode, he also offered an insight into what he did to get into shape.

Tom said: “I cut out carbohydrates, cut out booze and hit the gym. It worked brilliantly for me.”

Cutting back on foods high in carbs can help dieters lose excess weight.


“It’s common for people to lose a lot of water weight in the first few days on a low carb diet,” according to experts at Healthline.com.

“Some dieticians suggest you might lose up to five to 10 pounds this way.

“Weight loss will slow down after the first week, but your fat mass may continue to decrease if you maintain the diet.”

As well as changing his diet plan, Tom told viewers that he upped his exercise regime.

On the plan, slimmers eat food thought to help the body boost the levels of dopamine, or the happy hormone, in the body.

Dieters can tuck into whole foods including meat, dairy, egg, nuts and fish.

Throughout his transformation, he said he slimmed down from 30 stone to a much healthier 18 stone.

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