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‘We will survive this pandemic’

Published: 9/7/2020 5:01:16 PM

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to the city of Northampton, requiring new regulations and procedures to assure the health of our community.

Under the Northampton Board of Health oversight, the Heath Department and its director, Merridith O’Leary, have played a leading role in implementing the procedures and protocols required to limit the effect of the pandemic while attempting to protect the health of our community.

The actions of the Health Department on behalf of the Board of Health have reflected federal recommendations, state requirements and scientific evidence, creating those regulations necessary to best maintain public health. We recognize that the Board of Health regulations have required our community to adjust individual and collective behavior in response to the threat of the virus. These adjustments have been burdensome to families, students, teachers, health care providers, first responders, law enforcement professionals, service providers and individuals in already precarious situations.

We also recognize that these regulations have required substantial investment of time, energy and resources for compliance from our community businesses and organizations who contribute to the vitality of our city. As we enter a new phase in curtailing the spread of the virus, we want to thank all of the businesses who have shown resiliency and determination to respond to the challenges of the pandemic.

We believe that Northampton businesses, organizations and other service providers will continue to make a best faith effort to protect their patrons and our community. We will survive this pandemic with your continued efforts. Stay safe. Social distance. Wear your mask.

Joanne Levin, MD
Suzanne Smith, MD
Cynthia Suopis, PhD
Laurent Levy, PhD

The writers are members of the Northampton Board of Health.

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