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Tucker Carlson Goes After Democrats After Attacks on Police

Tucker Carlson opened his show covering the ambush shooting of two LA County sheriff’s deputies in their police car in Compton over the weekend, and concluded his monologue by saying Democrats want power so badly that they don’t care about cops being killed.

“A man walked up out of nowhere and tried to kill them,” Carlson said of the shooting. “It’s the kind of thing we refer to as a senseless crime, but it wasn’t senseless, there was a reason he tried to kill them: He tried to kill them because they were cops. Can we really be surprised? Since the beginning of summer the Democratic party has told us the police are evil, that they’re killers, agents of racist genocide, cops are the problem.”

“Finally at least one man believed them,” he continued.

“A mob of ghouls were outside of the hospital where the two deputies were taken. They showed up to root for their death, then they blocked the entrance and exit to the emergency room, that meant that ambulances could not move. If there was of a moment when the Los Angeles sheriff’s department would be justified using immediate and overwhelming force to move these people and to protect the public by doing it, it was this moment. But they didn’t do that. Instead the sheriff’s department went on Twitter and begged Joe Biden’s voters to move. It didn’t work,” Carlson said, before showing some footage of protesters by the hospital.

He went off on Democrats who have publicly supported Black Lives Matter and listed several examples of attacks against officers, saying, “The Democratic party encouraged them to resist. So we’re told we can’t blame the people who pull the triggers for the violence. And by the way, unlike the Republican party, Democrats — when they come up with a talking point they stick with it.”

Carlson showed clips of a number of Democrats, including former President Barack Obama, vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris, and some cable news pundits, talking about reimagining policing and public safety:

“So what is reimagining the police look like? Shooting them? Maybe. We don’t know. No one’s specified. Least of all Joe Biden. He’s never imagined the police in the first place. He’s been in a bubble for 50 years.. Behind Joe Biden’s vacant smile and laughably outdated assumptions about an America that hasn’t existed for many years is a group of hard-eyed handlers right behind him, and they know exactly what’s going on, and they have a purpose for it. These people want power. They know that effective, honest, independent local law enforcement stands in the way, in their way. The left controls the FBI completely. They want your police department to come to heel. That’s their plan. And if dead cops are the price, they think it’s worth it.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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