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Trump Camp Went After Joe Lockhart for 'Reckless' Health Speculation While Trump Himself Speculated About Biden's Health

You may remember that last week, there was some speculation about President Donald Trump’s health over his November 2019 trip to Walter Reed. Some details surrounding the visit were reported on in a new book, and the president ended up publicly blasting rumors that he suffered from “mini-strokes.”

Hours later the Trump campaign apparently pointed to a tweet that set Trump off — from CNN political analyst and former Bill Clinton press secretary Joe Lockhart — and demanded that Lockhart be fired for recklessly speculating about the president’s health, asking if Trump had a stroke.

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz discussed the back-and-forth over the president’s health on MediaBuzz Sunday and asked, “Isn’t it Donald Trump with his denials that sort of pushed this into the media stratosphere?”

Gayle Trotter said the story shows the lengths the “media echo chamber” will go to in order to create stories “out of thin air.”

NPR national political correspondent Mara Liasson said, “There are many, many things we can accuse the media — which is not one monolithic thing — of. But this is not one of them.”

Liasson pointed out that the book from New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt didn’t say anything about mini-strokes. As for Lockhart, Liasson pointed to Trump’s own history of reckless speculation about the health of political rivals:

“Joe Lockhart is not a journalist and what Joe Lockhart was doing was what operatives of both parties — and Donald Trump is the foremost practitioner of this — say, ‘Oh, some people say Hillary Clinton is dying.’ ‘Hmm, some people say Joe Biden takes — what did he call them, enhancements, some kind of enhancement drug for his senility.’ I think the stories I read about this were stories that pointed out that no one in the media accused the president of having a mini-stroke. I think he over-reacted and he gave this story legs that it originally shouldn’t have had or it didn’t have.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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