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The Best Stores To Buy Industrial Furniture And Decor Online

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The smell of espresso, ambient lighting and soft music: There’s a lot to like about your favorite coffeehouse, but what you might love most is that it’s a space that makes you feel both relaxed and productive at the same time.

If you’ve been spending way more time at home then anywhere else this year, your living room and bedroom might be looking a little worse for wear, especially if it’s also become your makeshift office. An energizing makeover might be exactly what your home needs.

But if you’re having a hard time deciding what home decor style you like, it might be as easy as thinking about the spaces outside of your home that make you feel good, like your favorite coffeehouse. If that’s the case, industrial home decor might be what you’re looking for if you’re not into the rustic desert vibes of Southwestern-style furniture or the minimalist aesthetic of Scandinavian furniture and decor.

But what exactly is industrial style furniture and what does this interior design trend look like? Visions of reclaimed wood coffee tables, vintage couches and exposed-pipe lighting might come to mind — and you wouldn’t be wrong.

To create the industrial home look at home, just think about your favorite coffeehouse. It’s an interior design style that combines both modern, urban elements with rustic, vintage ones — like hanging rope or wire lights with Edison bulbs, a vintage wood coffee table with repurposed metal hairpin legs, vintage leather seating with exposed brick walls. It juxtaposes natural and manmade materials (wood and metal) and cool and warm tones like gray, black, tan and brown.

The best part is it’s a home style that pairs will with pretty much any other decor style too, particularly midcentury modern furniture and decor. For your own personal twist, you might add art deco-inspired accents for a more glamorous vibe, or Southwestern furniture and decor to make it even cozier.

You might already know about destinations such as Wayfair and AllModern for industrial style furniture and home decor. But did you know that Amazon and Etsy are also worth browsing? Amazon’s own in-house brand Rivet carries industrial-looking midcentury modern styles, too. Etsy remains a prime destination for handmade industrial artwork, furniture and fixtures around the home, like this rustic entryway wall-mount coat rack and this industrial wall clock.

We’ve rounded up where to buy industrial-style furniture and home decor online for every budget.

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