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RT Pushed Same Biden Attacks in DHS Report Quashed By Trump

RT America, the Russia-owned U.S. cable channel, has spent months pushing the same attacks that were described in a Department of Homeland Security intel brief that was quashed by the Trump administration — and which the Trump campaign has been using as well.

Earlier this week, ABC News reported that the DHS withheld publication of an intelligence briefing that would have warned federal, state, and local agencies of “a Russian scheme to promote ‘allegations about the poor mental health’ of former Vice President Joe Biden,” which was entitled “Russia Likely to Denigrate Health of US Candidates to Influence 2020 Election.”

That effort has been playing out in plain sight for months, and continues to. RT America has been publishing and reporting smears about former Vice President Joe Biden’s mental acuity quite consistently, for many months — often using the same discredited, debunked, and even fabricated “gaffes” as the Trump campaign.

For example, in March, RT published a lengthy “report” on a minor verbal slip in which the former VP called himself an “OBiden-Bama Democrat,” and used it as a basis to claim that “If you want to believe Biden is not fit for the presidency due to a deteriorating mind, there is plenty of evidence to support the theory.”

But it has been well-documented, particularly during the Democratic National Convention, that Biden has spent much of his life overcoming a stutter, and helping others to do so.

Chatter about these attacks also long predates the Trump campaign’s use of them, and even includes a segment literally predicting a “future headline” about Biden’s mental acuity — from September 21, 2019.

RT has continued to press the attack laid out in the DHS document, even when “reporting” on the DHS memo that revealed the plot.

But in perhaps their most revealing trick of all, RT journalist Caleb Maupin delivered a snarky commentary about the DHS report in which he defended Russia on the basis that the American media has been discussing the issue — the one RT has been pushing for months — and by pointing out that President Donald Trump has been making these same attacks — which is the entire point. Their defense is, essentially, “See how well it worked?”

Watch the clip above via RT America.

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