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Reporting on Trump Comments 'May Be Valid'

Fox & Friends co-host Jedediah Bila gave Pete Hegseth a dose of “reality” when she told him that accusing Atlantic writer Jeffrey Goldberg doesn’t negate the reporting on President Donald Trump’s remarks about warfighters corroborated by Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin.

On this week’s Fox & Friends Saturday, Bila and her co-hosts discussed the quadrice-confirmed — by The AtlanticThe Associated PressThe Washington Postand Fox News — set of stories about Trump’s denigration of dead, wounded, captured, and every other type of U.S. warfighter.

Bila expressed skepticism about anonymous sources, but said that reporting from Griffin — whose firing Trump has demanded — has her wondering if it’s all or mostly true.

“I will say that having our own Jennifer Griffin, who’s one of the best reporters I know, independently verifying some of that information, not all of it, but some of it with her own sources does give me pause,” Bila said, adding that “I don’t feel comfortable today saying oh it’s 100% not true, and I don’t feel comfortable in the same breath saying it 100% is true. Because we just don’t know.”

She then accused Jeffrey Goldberg of being biased, but said “that doesn’t change, for me, the reality that some of this reporting may in fact be valid.”

Hegseth leapt in to say “How can it not change the reality,” and rattled off a list of bias charges.

When he’d finished, Bila explained “Well, because I just said, you have someone like a Jennifer Griffin, who’s respected widespread in the community and works here and does fantastic work come out and saying ‘my sources have confirmed some of that.’”

“I also don’t think it helps President Trump that he has been on record very publicly making some comments, about John McCain for example and his service,” she continued. “That sounds very similar, so people will say ‘Well if he said that, could he have also said this?’ That’s not helpful to him in this moment.”

She concluded by saying that other issues may be more politically important, and that “I don’t know if these comments and this article will in any way shift the voting public. I don’t know.”

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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