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Nancy Pelosi Blasts Mitch McConnell Over Covid Relief

Speaker Nancy Pelosi called out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for failing to negotiate and pass a Covid relief funding bill for the past four months as the pandemic has continued to ravage the country and batter the economy.

Appearing on CNN’s Situation Room, Pelosi dismissed the latest Middle East peace announcement by the Trump administration as a “distraction” while struggling Americans are no longer getting additional unemployment benefits or being protected from evictions if they can’t pay their rent. House Democrats passed a $3-trillion Covid relief bill, the Heroes Act, in mid-May, but both the Trump White House and the GOP-led Senate have balked at the size of the bill, which has meant that earlier stimulus payments and benefits for the tens of million of Americans struggling financially have expired.

“These are dramatic developments in the Middle East,” Blitzer said of the news that the Arabian Gulf country, Bahrain, will normalize relations with Israel. “How much credit do you give the President of the United States for these peace agreements?”

“Well, hopefully they will be beneficial to the region,” Pelosi said, before noting that the Trump administration still hasn’t followed through on its lofty promises of bringing a broader peace to the region. “We’ve been waiting for a very long time for the president’s proposal for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement that honored the two-state solution. It was coming in two weeks, it was coming in two months. It still hasn’t come in any way that has brought peace.”

“So, good for him for having a distraction on a day when the numbers of people who are affected and the numbers of people who are dying from this virus only increase,” Pelosi added, before pivoting back to the coronavirus package. “Since we passed the Heroes Act, over 5 million people have become infected. That’s when Mitch McConnell pressed the pause button. Over 100,000 people have died when Mitch McConnell pressed the pause button.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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