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MSNBC Hosts Asks Rudy Giuliani 'What Happened to You?'

Personal attorney to President Donald Trump and former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared on MSNBC’s AM Joy on Saturday and ended up in messy fight with guest host Jonathan Capehart, who asked the former prosecutor “What happened to you?”

In the very long interview, Capehart was pressing Giuliani over his dealings with KGB-trained Russian agent Andrii Derkach. Giuliani repeatedly objected the tone and wording of the questions, saying that he merely interviewed the spy about former Vice President Joe Biden, and didn’t “work” with him. Eventually Capehart was able to get a direct question in over those objections.

“Mayor Giuliani have you ever ever paid or facilitated payments to Kerkach for any information or vice versa?” he asked.

“No, I don’t pay people for information Jonathan,” said Giuliani. “You’ve known me long enough to know I won’t do that. You covered me when I was mayor and US attorney. You know I’m not a dishonest person.”

“So, you know what, Mayor Giuliani I’m glad you brought that up,” said Capehart in reply to the flashback, “Because I have covered you since my early days on the New York Daily News editorial page.”

“As I mentioned you made your name as the SDNY federal prosecutor, you were mayor of New York City twice,” he continued. The two then had a brief back and forth about former mayor Mike Bloomberg before Capehart got back on point.

“My point here is the idea, the idea that a former Federal prosecutor of SDNY, former two-term mayor of New York City, a person who has a national security firm. How… I’m trying to understand how someone of your stature and career – what happened to you, Mayor Giuliani?” said Capehart.

“Nothing happened to me,” Giuliani interjected as Capehart’s rant in defense of Biden continued.

“Why are you out here spinning conspiracy theories and lies and interfering with an American election? What happened to you?” said Capehart, smacking his desk for emphasis.

“They’re not conspiracy theories,” said Giuliani. “I’m not interfering with an American election. Indicting Steve Bannon is interfering with an American election but that’s okay. But putting out a report that Biden’s a crook isn’t.”

“You’re running around the world trying to find evidence–” said Capehart.

“No I’m not,” Giuliani said over Capehart.

“–and you’re not finding any that can’t be debunked by fact-checkers all over the country–” Capehart continued.

“Absolutely wrong, all you do on MSNBC is not cover it, you cover it up,” Giuliani continued, speaking over Capehart.

“–trying to undermine the Democratic Presidential nominee,” Capehart concluded, apparently resting his argument on the idea that criticism of a Democrat is “interfering” with the process of elections and representative democracy somehow.

“I am not! I was defending my client Donald J. Trump against false charges that have been proven to be false, and that your network refuses to publish, you won’t publish that 12 cell phones were wiped by prosecutors. Prosecutors don’t wipe cell phones, Jonathan, by accident. Not 12 of them. What the Mueller people were doing, what the Mueller people were doing is obstructing justice, as we said. They were Democratic operatives posing as prosecutors. It’s as clear as that, but you don’t cover that. So your listeners never hear that,” said Giuliani, presumably intending “listeners” to refer to MSNBC viewers.

“I’m not covering conspiracy theories, I’m not covering lies, Mayor Giuliani,” said Capehart.

“No, but you decide what’s lies and conspiracy theories. Your viewers should get to decide that. Not from the bias Democratic point of view Jonathan. That’s not right to the American people,” Giuliani said.

Capehart then confronted the president’s attorney with the remarks about him made by former ally Lev Parnas, whom Giuliani dismissed as a “known liar, crook, thief.”

“And you know, in my business national security, security, prosecution. You deal with bad people to get information. I mean that’s how I made all my cases against the mafia, against crooked politicians,” said Giuliani. He continued ranting as Capehart repeatedly tried to wrap-up the interview. “I mean the case against Biden is overwhelming. I could prove it in a 4 week trial, better than I prosecuted Fat Tony Salerno. His family took Millions from foreign governments to sell his office and your station is covering it up. Because you’re not fair to the American people, Jonathan. You’re not.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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