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Michael Cohen on Why He, Republicans Back Trump: 'We're Stupid'

Former Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen bluntly explained his take on why he and almost everyone in the Republican Party structure stick with the president despite his conduct and countless lies: “We’re stupid, you know, we’re a bunch of sycophants.”

Appearing on MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Cohen reflected on Trump’s bizarre White House press briefing where he threw his own CDC Director under the bus and suggested Covid-19 deaths in states that lean Democratic somehow shouldn’t count in judging his administration’s pandemic response.

“President Trump is all about winning, and he has no intention of giving up power,” Cohen warned to Reid after she asked for his “worst-case scenario” going forward. “In order to avoid a, you know, a sequel, right, which would be the horror film of 2020, people really do have to vote him out. But that’s not going to be easy, because the first thing he’s going to claim is that the election was rigged, and he’s going to — the day of the election, he’s going to declare that he’s the winner, and even for the next couple of weeks, as the ballots are all being counted, he’s going to claim they’re fake, and he’s going to use Attorney General Bill Barr to invalidate all of those, and he’s going to do everything possible in order to ensure that he remains president for another four years.”

“He doesn’t care about the Constitution of the United States,” Cohen emphasized. “He believes that he’s above everything.”

“But he can’t do that alone,” Reid pointed out. “You went along with him for a long time. Why do people do it? Why do these Republicans like Bill Barr go along with him, do you think?”

“Because we’re stupid. You know, we’re a bunch of sycophants,” Cohen said matter-of-factly. “He’s very much like a cult leader when you’re in his good graces, you believe that you have this enormous amount of power, which you do, and he somehow manages to convince you to use that power for bad.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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