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Mary H. Hall: Responding to Fleitman

Published: 9/15/2020 4:23:35 PM

There are so many things worth responding to in the Gazette, day by day. I regret to use my rationed speech to address a letter I do not think should have been published in the first place.

Dr. Jay Fleitman has a monthly column that includes at least 750 words each time. When no one else can be published more than once in 30 days, I don’t know why the Gazette would give Dr. Fleitman a privilege the rest of us do not share.

In a Sept. 14 letter, Fleitman objects to Jacob Blake’s father expressing anti-Semitic thoughts. Fleitman evidently subscribes to the ideas that if we don’t talk to people whose views we abhor, those views will go away, and anyone’s exhibiting unhappiness with Jewish behaviors will lead to another Shoah.

In the Zionist project, I find Jews to be proceeding in ways that I cannot defend. People whose families have lived in the land for many generations are being forced out in favor of a supposed divine mandate. Jews and Palestinians in the land are engaged in procreative warfare at a time when we desperately need to reduce human over-population worldwide.

I appreciate that Fleitman would like us all to defend the “chosen people” of whom he finds himself to be a member. I would encourage him to help move his cohort toward behaviors that people like me may find supportable.

No one can want persecution of Jews for the differentness that helps make them who they are. I’m very sorry Jacob Blake’s father has regrettable views. However, I consider the real hate in this situation is not coming from beaten-down people like members of the Blake family. Rather, it is coming from the media from which Fleitman draws his views.

I recommend reading Brian Stelter’s “Hoax,” and watching the homespun documentary “The Brainwashing of My Dad.” Alan Weisman’s book, “Countdown,” spells out our extreme danger from human overpopulation. The PBS Frontline film, “United States of Conspiracy,” is a viewer friendly account of InfoWars’ Alex Jones, whose hate speech the president copies, without attribution, almost word for word.

Mary H. Hall

South Hadley

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