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Jennifer Griffin Responds to Fox News Hosts on Trump Reporting

Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin made a splash last week by confirming key details of The Atlantic’s shocking report on President Donald Trump disparaging the military. But the reporting came under fire from several of Griffin’s Fox News colleagues who serve as hosts on the opinion side. Now, Griffin is responding to those attacks.

Appearing Thursday on The Interview, Mediaite’s weekly podcast, Mediaite editor in chief Aidan McLaughlin quizzed Griffin on the Fox News hosts who took umbrage last week — particularly in light of the president’s tweet calling for her to be fired from the network.

“You received a lot of support from your colleagues at Fox News after Trump sent out that tweet,” McLaughin said — referencing the network’s news side figures, including anchor Bret Baier and foreign correspondent Trey Yingst, who publicly stood with Griffin. “But I will say your reporting angered some of the opinion shows. Lou Dobbs called reports on the comments “horrible lies,” and Greg Gutfeld of The Five alleged some sort of coordination between the Biden campaign and the press on the story to smear Trump. Do you have a problem sometimes with people at your own network disputing your reporting?”

“Well, I don’t know if they were disputing my reporting,” Griffin replied. “I didn’t take that personally either. I’ve always worked for the news division at Fox. I’ve always been a straight news reporter. Everybody knows that about me at Fox. Again, I’ve worked for Fox since six months after they went on the air … and I’ve always been treated with respect. My reporting has been respected. I feel respected. My job is not in jeopardy.”

Griffin, who has previously appeared on Fox News opinion programs such as The Five to discuss her reporting, expressed confidence that the network’s hosts will value her work going forward.

“Any of those people that you just quoted, I am quite certain they will be quoting my reporting in the future,” she said.

Listen above. The relevant portion begins at the 24:00 minute mark. Download the episode here.

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