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If DOJ Doesn't Indict 'Criminals' Trump Should Take Action

Lou Dobbs said Friday that if the Trump DOJ doesn’t end up producing indictments “against the politically corrupt criminals” at the Justice Department and FBI, then President Donald Trump should declassify all relevant documents before election day.

Dobbs spoke with Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton, who called for a “criminal investigation of the Mueller team” over DOJ records on members of the special counsel’s office wiping their phones.

As he and Dobbs called for more scrutiny into misconduct at the DOJ and FBI, Fitton brought up the probe being overseen by John Durham into the origins of the Russia investigation and a member of that team, a top aide to Durham, resigning today.

The Hartford Courant reported earlier Friday that Nora Dannehy left “at least partly out of concern that the investigative team is being pressed for political reasons to produce a report before its work is done.”

Fitton reacted to that saying, “It tells you two things, Lou. It’s either that — it explains why Durham hasn’t done anything because of people like that working for him, or B, who knows, maybe he’ll do something, and this person was trying to undermine it. Either way, we’ve waited much too long and faced inordinate hurdles from the Justice Department to get the truth out.”

“Why is this attorney general, William Barr, not making certain that it’s happening on a timely basis?” Dobbs asked. “The Justice Department has been demonstrated throughout the Obama years and the political corruption that ensued almost across the entire federal government that the Justice Department is where with truth best goes to die. It hasn’t changed. My god. A year and a half for an investigation? That’s absurd. You can destroy, you can create, manufacture evidence. Why in the hell would anybody think that that was an appropriate time for an investigation? Is it too complex for the witless amongst the politically corrupt? I don’t think so. This is pure corruption.”

Fitton said that “in terms of the difference between the Obama administration and this administration, there really hasn’t been much difference in terms of the transparency” from the DOJ.

He told Dobbs that if the DOJ won’t be more transparent, Trump “should order a transparency revolution” and “release everything.”

Dobbs agreed and said, “If this attorney general and this Justice Department does not produce indictments against the politically corrupt criminals of the Justice Department and the FBI, then the president has, it seems to me, no other choice than to declassify all of the documents — and I mean dump them into the public arena — well, a month before that election so the American people can vote with sure knowledge of what the facts are and who the malefactors are.”

You can watch above, via Fox Business.

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