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Gold Star Widow Hurt by WaPo Using Son's Photo to Bash Trump

Brittany Jacobs, a Gold Star widow, appeared on Fox News Monday morning to share her and her young son’s positive interactions with President Donald Trump, following a bombshell report from The Atlantic this past week, confirmed by Fox’s own Jennifer Griffin, that revealed the president has called fallen military servicemen “losers” and “suckers”

Jacobs shared that when she initially saw the headline from The Washington Post, alongside a feature photo of her son with Trump at Arlington National Cemetery in May of 2017, she felt “hurt.”

Fox News anchor Julie Banderas asked the Gold Star widow how she felt when she read The Atlantic‘s headline about how Trump had made disparaging remarks aimed at injured soldiers.

“I want to know how The Atlantic’s headline made you feel when you read the president said that U.S. soldiers injured and killed in war were losers,” Banderas asked. “Especially since they used a picture of your young son with the president next to the article, completely separate from The Washington Post’s article.” (Banderas appeared to have reversed the publication names, as there is no picture of Jacobs’ son in the report from The Atlantic.)

“I just felt hurt,” Jacobs replied. “I felt hurt for my son who admires the president and he’s met him on several occasions and he looks at the president as his friend.”

“The president has called my son his buddy before and that to a little boy mean is just so much — and to see a picture of my son used in an article of the president being accused of insulting the fallen, it just hurt,” Jacobs stated.

The mother then states that she’s seen the “complete opposite” from Trump, adding that “is not the character I’ve seen.”

“He’s [Trump] been so sincere, caring. When he talked to my son at Arlington, he was so focused on Christian, and he was so engaged and caring. It made my son feel special. My son looks up to him. So it really hurt because what they’re saying, and portraying the president as isn’t what I have seen” she stated. “And as a widow that is something, I can speak on.”

The Fox News host then asked the Gold Star Widow how she thinks the president “views the military, those that are no longer with us and are currently fighting right now?”

“I think he supports 110%, he has supported us, he has supported my son,” Jacobs stated.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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