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Fleitman needs to be better with the facts

Published: 9/7/2020 5:00:24 PM

After Jay Fleitman’s inappropriate opinion piece last month where he attempted to diagnose Joe Biden as cognitively impaired, he now soft peddles his piece this month with his presentation of the Republican National Convention, trying to refute the “dark and angry” depiction of the convention by mainstream media. (“A tale of two political conventions,” Sept. 1)

Either Mr. Fleitman is naive or he is prone to the same cynical presentation as Mr. Trump and the Republican party. Listening to Fleitman’s depiction of convention speakers, it was like we should all sit down and have a piece of apple pie as we reach for our MAGA hat and our automatic weapon and cut to Fox News to listen to Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity.

When Mr. Fleitman depicted Mark and Patricia McCloskey as “defending their home from looters,” I almost jumped right out of my chair to send money to their defense fund. Really? There were no looters threatening the McCloskey’s that day, only peaceful demonstrators who the McCloskey’s falsely portrayed as a mob. It was just plain white supremacist hatred by two trial lawyers who had gone off the deep end as they pointed their weapons at people walking by.

As we have seen this year, it’s really scary when people go off the deep end holding automatic weapons. Mr. Fleitman would do much better if he joined other responsible professionals who decry the lack of gun control in this country. His continued defense of a bankrupt political party grows wearisome. I admire his courage to state his own beliefs, but he could do a better job of reporting the facts.

Michael Childs


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