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Ex Officials Say You're Unfit

During Tuesday night’s ABC News town hall, President Donald Trump’s alleged comments about fallen soldiers came up again.

Alexandra Stehman, who admitted she “unfortunately” sat out the last election, started by asking him about his “recent comments about our United States soldiers, referring to them as suckers” and “losers.”

Trump again denied the Atlantic report in question and said, “The statements never happened, they were lies.”

He took a shot at John McCain yet again, saying, “I was never a fan of John McCain. I never thought he treated our vets well, he didn’t do the job. I was never a fan of his. And I think that’s fine and everybody knows that, and I said it to his face. I was very much up in that.”

Trump went on to tout what he’s done for the military and for veterans.

Stephanopoulos jumped in at one point to note “you have used language like that in the past”:

“You did say that John McCain wasn’t a war hero. And notably silent in the wake of this article were General John Kelly, who was your chief of staff at the time. General James Mattis, who served as defense secretary for you has said… you’re a divider, you’re not trying to unite the country. General Kelly said he agreed with that. John Bolton, who was your national security advisor, said you are a danger to the country. The people in these top military positions who served most closely with you have said you’re unfit for office. How do you respond to that?”

He dismissed them all as “disgruntled former employees,” calling Mattis “highly overrated” and insisting he was fired despite Mattis saying he resigned.

As for Bolton, Trump said, “All he wanted to do was blow people up.”

You can watch above, via ABC.

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