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Dr. Phil Begs TikTok Followers To Stop Calling Him 'Daddy'

Dr. Phil McGraw popped up on TikTok on Thursday to pop off to his followers who keep calling him “Daddy.”

It seems that a lot of people who follow his posts refer to him as “Daddy” in the comments and he’s apparently annoyed.

So as part of the app’s popular “you have to stop” posts, McGraw asked his TikTok fans to cease the patriarchal nicknames when commenting on his posts.

“I hate to break it to you, but I ain’t your daddy, and your real daddy is probably getting his feelings hurt,” McGraw said. “I appreciate the support — it’s a little weird, but I appreciate the support.” 

And because this is the internet, everyone immediately respected his wishes ― not!

Dr. Phil doesn't like being called

Dr. Phil doesn’t like being called “Daddy” by people not related to him.

He asked TikTok followers to stop calling him

He asked TikTok followers to stop calling him “Daddy.”

Don't call Dr. Phil

Don’t call Dr. Phil “Daddy” on TikTok ― please!

One Twitter user suggested Dr. Phil is protesting a bit too much.

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