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Coronavirus patients have lung damage ‘weeks after leaving hospital’

Patients hospitalised with Covid-19 still have lung damage, breathlessness and coughs weeks after being discharged, researchers have found.

The long and lingering effects of coronavirus on physical health is a growing topic of concern; even those who have experienced “mild” Covid, have reported symptoms that continue for many weeks or even months after the initial infection has passed.

Now researchers in Austria have released the preliminary results of a study tracking the recovery of patients who were hospitalised with severe coronavirus infection.

The results reveal that six weeks after leaving hospital, 88% of patients still showed signs of lung damage in CT scans – such as patches resembling ground glass – while 47% of patients were experiencing breathlessness. At 12 weeks, these figures were 56% and 39% respectively.

“Covid-19 survivors have persisting lung impairment weeks after recovery,” said Dr Sabine Sahanic of the University Clinic in Innsbruck who is part of the team behind the work:

France declares more Covid-19 ‘red zones’

Cases rising in 22 US states


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