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Chuck Hagel Slams Trump's 'Despicable' Insults to Veterans

Former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel tore into Donald Trump over The Atlantic’s shocking report on the president’s alleged disrespect for America’s veterans and fallen military men.

In an interview with ABC’s Martha Raddatz on Sunday morning, Hagel was asked for his reaction to the article of Trump’s disparagement of dead soldiers, which has been corroborated by numerous news sources. Hagel said he was inclined to believe the report, noting Trump’s denigrations of the late John McCain and also former servicemen who used to work for his administration.

“If these comments are real, it’s beneath the dignity of any commander in chief. Truly, they’re despicable,” Hagel said. “You can go through a litany of past things that he said from his mouth, actions that he’s taken, and it corroborates, really, the Goldberg article in The Atlantic.”

While he further expressed faith in the report’s anonymous sources, Hagel went on to say “if you feel so strongly about [their accounts]…then they should show some courage and step forward” with their names. In response to denials from Trump and his supporters, Hagel continued to argue that the facts surrounding the report offer “a pretty clear indictment of this president’s attitude towards our veterans.”

“It’s the continuation of the same actions and words that we have seen for this president the last 3 1/2 years,” he concluded.

Watch above, via ABC.

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