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Bret Baier Hits Nancy Pelosi Saying Peace Deals a Distraction

Speaker Nancy Pelosi told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Friday that the historic peace agreements being reached in the Middle East are just an electoral distraction, earning her a rebuke from Fox News Channel’s Bret Baier over minimizing progress in the region.

Blitzer asked Pelosi “how much credit do you give the president for these peace agreements?”

The Speaker generously allowed that “hopefully they’ll be beneficial to the region” before turning it into a series of burns on Trump. She said that the agreement took way too long and that the deals haven’t yet brought peace.

She then added, “So, good for him for having a distraction on a day when the numbers of people who are affected and the numbers of people who are dying from this virus only increases.”

That quote got a lot of play on Twitter, and eventually Bret Baier weighed in, saying that “even if you don’t like all the details” of the agreements reached this week, the peace deals in the war-torn and suffering region “are not ‘distractions.’”

Watch the clip of Pelosi being dismissive of Mideast peace above, via CNN. Spoiler alert: Blitzer did not challenge or pursue the commentary.

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