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Bear Runs Through Live Fox News Shot in California

Live television can be unpredictable, as Fox News LA correspondent Christina Coleman learned when a brown bear ran right through her live shot as she was reporting on the California wildfires.

The bear’s television debut happened during Fox Report with Jon Scott, as Coleman filled in host Jon Scott on the latest developments on the wildfires that have devastated several western states, killing 26 people, with dozens more still missing and millions of acres burned.

Coleman was reporting from a Monrovia, California neighborhood that bordered a forest, and interviewed one resident who expressed concern not just for his family’s home, but the wildlife in the area, displaced by the fires destroying their habitats.

One such representative of the local wildlife found that to be an opportune moment to appear, and Coleman pointed out a large brown bear walking on the residential street behind her.

The bear suddenly turned and ran closer to where Coleman and her camera operator were standing.

“I’m going to go ahead and move forward,” said Coleman as they moved further from the bear.

“Christina, I’m going to guess that the first for you doing a live shot with a bear in the background,” said Scott.

Coleman laughed and replied, “Yes, it is definitely.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News. The bear shows up just after the two-minute mark.

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