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A letter Biden should write

Published: 9/6/2020 7:00:51 PM

I am hoping that Joe Biden writes the following letter to the American people:

“Dear fellow Americans, I regret to inform you that after considerable thought and deliberation, I have decided not to participate in any presidential debates with Donald Trump. While Americans deserve to have their presidential candidates present, defend and debate their own plans for the next four years, it is clear to me that Donald Trump will simply offer his familiar cascade of endless distortions and lies — something he has done throughout his presidency. I feel very strongly that to join him in debates is to collude with his pattern of incessant lying. From the time he took office — with his claims about the largest gathering of inaugural guests and winning the popular vote to his recent catastrophic lies about the COVID pandemic. Mr. Trump has lied about important issues and small insignificant issues and has done so throughout his presidency. It appears that he is a compulsive liar — perhaps he simply cannot help himself. What is vitally important to me is that I do not participate in further disgracing the presidency and disgracing the important tradition of presidential debates by assisting Mr. Trump in any way to further saturate the American people with his interminable lies. I cannot stop Mr. Trump from his compulsive lying; I can only refuse to encourage it by not participating in the debates.”

Alan Kanner


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