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6 affordable recipes that deliver leftovers, too

When you’ve just paid rent and need to think about other expenses, we think food shouldn’t have to be high on the stress list.

Rent-week meals need to be easy and affordable — bonus points if they can be repurposed for multiple meals.

Whether you’re living alone or with others, these affordable dishes can be fixtures in your recipe rotation. They are ideal for times when funds are low, time is short and you’re craving something flavorful and filling that can keep on giving.

Cold Tahini Noodles With Vegetables, above. All you need to do here is: Cook your noodles, whisk a sauce together and throw in some crunchy vegetables. Done! This dish keeps well in the fridge, as it is supposed to be served cold. You can add in extra protein like tofu or chicken if you’d like, though plenty of tahini makes this dish filling.

Coconut Rice With Salmon and Cilantro Sauce. This dish is more about the concept than the dish itself. The rice and cilantro sauce can pair with just about any protein, not just salmon, meaning you can mix and match as you please to build easy lunches or dinners with the leftovers.

Italian Sausage, Squash and Pasta Skillet. Got squash? Toss into a skillet with pasta and sausage for a filling, easy to reheat, flavorful dinner in minutes.

Garlicky Broccoli and Beans With Pesto. Though we wish fall were here, it’s still hot out there. That means, we want minimal cooking and kitchen time. Broccoli gets gently blanched in boiled water from your kettle, while the beans take only a few minutes in the skillet.

Southern Collard and Sweet Potato Hash. When in doubt, throw those veggies in a hash. Or, be more mindful and thinly slice your sweet potatoes to layer the bottom of the pan and cover to get things cooking more quickly.

Honey-Garlic Tofu With Sauteed Broccoli and Sugar Snap Peas. This simple tofu dish is designed to make two different meals. For this one, you can throw leftovers into a vegetable-packed stir fry. This recipe is part of a set created for “intentional leftovers.” Read more about those, and get the recipes, here.

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