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Trump Dismisses Concerns About Reopening Schools

In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, President Donald Trump pushed back against those expressing reluctance to open colleges and schools as the coronavirus pandemic continues, saying iPads were “wonderful” but not comparable to in-person learning.

As students have returned to campus and cases have spiked, some schools have suspending in-person teaching to return to digital-only instruction.

“We have learned one thing,” Trump said, “there’s nothing like campus, there’s nothing like being with the teachers opposed to being on a computer board. It’s been proven, a lot better, it’s a lot better.”

“The iPads are wonderful but you’re not going to learn the same way you do by being there,” he continued.

Keeping colleges closed could cost lives too, Trump said, because it was “significantly safer for students to live with other young people than to go home and spread the virus to older Americans,” and keeping students home contributed to “tremendous depression, suicide, drugs, alcohol, abuse.”

“A lot of problems are being caused, probably far more, I would say,” he said, “than the virus itself.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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