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The Recorder - The Trump war on the election

Published: 8/18/2020 6:40:51 AM

So it’s all-out war on the American people now. Like a photographic print in a developing bath, the image crystallizes with the election three months away, the full reality coming into sharp focus. There’s no time to lose. From now to election day the full force of the Trump autocracy will be doing everything it can to subvert the will of the American people. We’ve seen it before in other countries, and now we see it in full force here in case you haven’t been noticing or have been fooled by the Trump lie machine into thinking he’s being unfairly castigated for trying to “make America great again.”

It’s time for everyone to fully wake up and heed the call to action. There’s no time to lose. Trump openly announces that his goal is to have as many votes not counted as possible, believing a good percentage of Republicans won’t vote by mail. Toadies in management positions will now force the slowdown of mail deliveries in critical states to affect the vote count. You probably have been watching this crystalize into view a bit at a time, but now it’s in the open and a threat to all the democratic institutions we believe in. I am not being hyperbolic. We may not think that our local post offices will be influenced or affected, but think about the distribution centers like Springfield and elsewhere where administration shills are already slowing the mail sorting and delivery in critical states.

Trumps efforts to replace regional authorities sympathetic to his shenanigans may play a critical role in reducing returns; not counting mail-in ballets after days prior to the election date or not counting ballets that remain after election date. Of course all other essential and life giving mail like prescriptions, monetary payments, and other time sensitive documents will also be the casualties. It’s the most overt, unconstitutional, deliberate attempt to artificially swing the election in his favor. Never in the history of the United States have we witnessed such corrupt, deliberate, unabashed efforts to subvert the will of the American people.

We must make sure that this is not happening in our area and state. Massachusetts in this regard has always remained a staunch Democratic state. We’ve never subverted the election to prevent Republican governors like Bill Weld or Charlie Baker from assuming office. We are lucky to be in this state and region. But we have three months to go and what happens in other states may well affect what turns out to be a disaster for Massachusetts as well. Yes I speak as a Democrat. But it appears more and more unconscionable for supporters of the president to defend a person who corrupts the rule of law moment by moment with constant lies and the assumption of powers not afforded by the Constitution. But if you surround yourself with enablers, we know the subversion of law becomes easier and easier, the autocrat more and more bold in his flouting of the rule of law. He will now be in full attack mode.

Yes there are reasons to believe Trump won’t be able to hold onto office if the election is a big enough win for Biden and Harris. But what we’ve seen so far gives us no confidence that that will be the case unless the margin is big enough, and even then Trump’s plan is clearly to defy the results. This situation is veering out of control at warp speed and the bump we feel over the selection of Kamala Harris may indeed seem temporary in retrospect as the lawless Republican Party begins its defense of Trump at whatever cost. And that cost is the freedoms that we’ve enjoyed under the Constitution for 250 years or so.

I will not here try to paint a full picture of what that means. Sadly Republicans are all too ready to relinquish their rights for the demagoguery of Trump and Co. The storm troopers are already in gear and one has to wonder what is going on in their minds. Oregon has yet again as I write this witnessed head bashing over innocent victims held in a bus for 12 hours, then whisked away after a large crowd of protesters blocked it. More atrocities are sure to follow in rapid succession. The rule of law is on the line. A fight we never imagined would come to pass. Keep positive and hold truth in our hearts.

Alan lives in Shelburne Falls, sings, has written plays, a novel, poetry, father of three, and ex chef of 40 years. Bon Appetit!

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