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The Recorder - Maskless ballplayers

Published: 8/28/2020 2:46:42 PM

I very much respect and value your commitment to our community, and I recognize the impact your newspaper has on this community. I also appreciate everyone who is trying to bring back sports to our community safely.

It was very jarring, therefore, to see a photo in today’s Sports section, prominently showing four local, maskless ballplayers — up at bat and in the dugout — as well as adults who were not using masks to cover their noses.

Don’t they follow the Major Leagues? Are they unaware that Massachusetts now mandates 6 feet of space between people wearing face masks for gatherings of more than ten people? As to the impact on our community, this is exactly the kind of lax oversight that perpetuates the life of the pandemic. Those in charge need to change behaviors or be shut down and face fines.

As to the impact on the community, perhaps it would be more appropriate for your newspaper to be writing about this aspect of local sports, or at least not featuring it. We are doing quite well across Franklin County, please do your part to help keep it that way.

As to the impact on our community, when a concerned citizen called to inquire about the situation, the coach wouldn’t discuss it, then called back to interrogate and argue with the caller. Gee, thanks, Coach!

We would like the confidence to open our schools and our economy. But this is the very behavior that will prevent us from ever doing so. And the impact on our community ripples outward.

It is each of our personal choice to take care of others or not. Wearing a mask shows that you do. Please think again before publishing such a photo without commentary.

David Potter

South Deerfield

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