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The Prettiest Pastel Cookware That Looks A Lot Like Le Creuset

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If you’ve been dining in more than out recently — trading in takeout for a dinner that you made all by yourself (or with the help of a healthy meal kit) — you might be ready to replace cookware from your college days.

But it’s the brand’s pastel shades — like this lavender cocotte for French onion soup and rose fry pan that’s meant for omelettes — that our shopping editors can’t stop eyeing.

That’s why we wanted to find lookalikes that weren’t as pricey in dreamy pastel colors like blush and mint. We found pastel pots, pans — and yes, Dutch ovens — that are all under $250.

Your palate (or should we say palette?) is sure to be cleansed with this pastel cookware.

Check out all the pretty pastel pots and pans we could find:

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