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Security law: Hong Kong's artists resist censorship, continue sharing dissident art online

Beijing’s draconian new national security law has sparked a wave of self-censorship on Hong Kong’s social media, with users hastily deleting earlier posts since it came into force on June 30.

Yae, who posts political comic strips, was one of those agonising about what to do. Many friends warned her to be wary of the new law, seen by critics as having a chilling effect on freedom of expression and judicial independence.

Comic strip about National Security Law by Yae. Photo: via Twitter.

But when she saw people still sharing her artwork, she decided against deletion. Instead, she went the other way and sketched a comic to explain the legislation’s Article 38 to foreigners. The article allows Hongkongers living abroad, and even non-Hong Kong residents, to face prosecution for national security offences committed outside Hong Kong.

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