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Sec. Chad Wolf Dismisses Idea of Systemic Racism in Policing

Acting DHS Sec. Chad Wolf said in a new interview this week that he doesn’t think there is systemic racism in U.S. law enforcement.

Axios co-founder Mike Allen spoke with Wolf and questioned him on the federal response in Portland and other cities.

At one point, Allen brought up stats on black Americans killed by police and asked, “Is there a problem with systemic racism in policing in America?”

“Absolutely not,” Wolf responded. “Do we have individuals in the law enforcement community that probably abuse their authority? We saw that in George Floyd’s death, we see that around the country, absolutely, and they should be held accountable.”

“You do not see systemic…” Allen started.

“This idea that we have systemic racism is not accurate, in my view,” Wolf said. “I’m not saying that there’s not some racist tendencies in some law enforcement officers, I want to be clear about that. But again, what people mean by systemic racism is that we have designed an institution — a law enforcement institution — to be racist from the get-go, and I don’t subscribe to that, I don’t believe in that.”

The Government Accountability Office found last week that Wolf and Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli were not validly appointed. Per Politico:

The Government Accountability Office — Congress’ independent investigative arm — concluded that after the resignation of Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in April 2019, an improper succession occurred, with Kevin McAleenan taking on the position. McAleenan then altered the order of succession for other officials to succeed him after his departure.

“Because the incorrect official assumed the title of Acting Secretary at that time, subsequent amendments to the order of succession made by that official were invalid and officials who assumed their positions under such amendments, including Chad Wolf and Kenneth Cuccinelli, were named by reference to an invalid order of succession,” GAO’s general counsel Thomas Armstrong concluded.

DHS fired back saying, “The GAO’s conclusions are baseless and baffling.”

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