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Ronna McDaniel Complains Over CBS Poll on Coronavirus Deaths

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel took issue on Sunday when questioned over a poll showing most Republican voters say it’s “acceptable” that 170,000 people in the United States have died because of the coronavirus.

During an interview with McDaniel on Face The Nation, CBS’ Margaret Brennan had the GOP chairwoman react to the network’s new polling on how voters feel about President Donald Trump’s pandemic response. According to the data collected by CBS, most Republican voters think the country is dealing with the pandemic pretty well, though 62 percent of voters overall think the pandemic response has gone badly. As for the number of Americans who’ve died from Covid-19 so far, 57 percent of Republicans called it “acceptable,” but 90 percent of Democrats called it “unacceptable,” as did 67 percent of independents.

“How could that number be acceptable and why is there such a big divide between how Republicans see it and how the majority of people do?” Brennan asked.

“Well I think that is a really unfair poll,” McDaniel said. “There’s nobody in this country — starting with the president of the United States — who wants to see people pass away from this global pandemic.”

As McDaniel diverted to attack China and the WHO over the pandemic, she eventually returned to the subject at hand and said “Republicans do not want to see people suffering from this pandemic.” McDaniels stressed that the pandemic remains a bipartisan issue, so Brennan asked again “so you say that number is acceptable.”

“No! Of course not Margaret!” McDaniel exclaimed. “Nobody wants to see somebody die from this! I have had friends die from this! This is not something people want, but the president’s response has saved lives.”

The conversation continued with Brennan factchecking McDaniel as the latter touted Trump’s bans on travel to the U.S. during the pandemic’s early stages.

Watch above (start at 7:30), via CBS.

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