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Put aside ‘angry’ words from privileged people

Published: 8/30/2020 5:00:30 PM

In response to recent letter from Ms. Merri Hertz-Delgado (“Amherst, you failed UMass students,” Aug. 20), I would like to remind readers that this person lives in a rich, privileged suburb of New York City that had a serious outbreak of coronavirus early in the season because of some individuals attending a Westport house party from overseas and various locations.

My father, who lives in the town next door, was one of the ones who caught the virus. Thank goodness that he has recovered, as he is turning 91 years old in a few days. But we should heed our instincts to do what keeps our community healthy and functional, as we put aside angry, annoyed words from privileged people who are accustomed to using their own voices to get their way.

I am also a college professor who is going to be teaching from home, and I can attest to the fact that Merri’s claim that we are lounging around at home is utterly false. It is far more work to be teaching from home. You can ask my students at The College of Saint Rose if it sounds like I’m lounging around at home.

May Caroline Chan


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