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Mercedes Schlapp Attacks Joe Biden's Mental Acuity

Mercedes Schlapp went all in to defend President Donald Trump and his team claiming former Vice President Joe Biden is in mental decline.

In an interview with Sandra Smith for America’s Newsroom, the Trump 2020 campaign adviser dismissed former First Lady Michelle Obama’s blistering condemnation for the president, plus the Democratic Party for giving a platform to a woman whose Trump-voting father died from the coronavirus.

“So here is what is wrong with this: the fact that the Democrats have made this decision to make coronavirus into a political tactic. I’m sorry, they cannot move forward on using the pain of people for their own political gain,” Schlapp said. “They are spending their time attacking the president instead of coming up with real solutions to help combat this coronavirus pandemic.”

After that, Smith asked Schlapp about a new Trump campaign ad designed to impugn Biden’s cognitive acuity.

“It is an important question to make and it’s an uncomfortable conversation we need to have right now,” Schlapp said in the ad’s defense. “The reality is that Americans deserve to know and understand and have assessed Joe Biden’s capability. There is no question that when you look at these videos from years ago ’til now that he has been diminished…You see how he has diminished. It is an important conversation to have now and the American people deserve to assess his capability.”

The Biden campaign has responded to the ad by blasting Trump’s coronavirus response and mocking the president for bragging he aced a cognitive exam meant to test people for dementia.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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