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Mary Trump Reveals More Secret Audio from President's Sister

President Donald Trump’s niece, Mary L. Trump, revealed another set of secretly recorded moments with the president’s sister, in which she insults Trump’s children for their public conduct and blasts Trump as self-absorbed and cheap.

In an appearance on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, the daughter of Trump’s older brother, Fred Trump Jr., released more audio of unquestionably blunt conversations with Maryanne Trump Barry, the president’s elder sister. In previous examples of these clandestine recordings — which are legal in New York state with one party’s consent — Barry has been caught calling Trump “stupid” and “cruel” and accusing him of having “no principles.”

The recordings have followed in the wake of Mary Trump’s just-released tell-all book, which offered numerous embarrassing and damning revelations about the president. She appeared on MSNBC on Thursday night, slamming Ivanka’s speech as “appalling” and criticized the First Daughter for being “quite determined to get as much as she can out of her association with her father.”

On Friday, Mary Trump’s first recording featured her aunt condemning Ivanka for a particularly ill-timed Instagram post, in which she posted a staged, intimate moment of herself and her child, just as news was breaking that the Trump administration had lost track of more than a thousand immigrant children who had been separated from their families.

“When that damn Ivanka puts this picture of the Madonna and child on Instagram when the big news of the day was how kids are being ripped from their families,” Barry was heard saying. “I couldn’t blame — I’d never heard of Samantha Bee before. I couldn’t blame what she said.”

Bee infamously torched Ivanka as a “feckless cunt” for the social media blunder, and then subsequently apologized after a torrent of outrage.

In the next conversation between Mary Trump and Barry, the latter offered very candid and unflattering comments about Ivanka and Trump’s son, Eric.

MBT: Meanwhile, Eric’s become the moron publicly. Ivanka gives a [ bleep ]. She’s all about her.

MLT: Yeah, she’s a mini Donald.

MBT: She’s a mini Donald, but yet he’s besotted with her. He always has been. She’s always been his favorite.

Moments later, Barry is heard again speaking about her younger brother, who she colorfully hammered him as cheap.

“And then you get Donald who won’t do anything for anybody unless it’s going to inure to his —I mean, he won’t do any — publicly,” Barry said. “I mean, if you — anything he did, he says, ‘Look what I’ve done. Aren’t I wonderful?’ And he’s as tight as a duck’s ass. Just like dad was, really.”

According to host Joy Reid, the show reached out to Maryanne Trump Barry for comment, but she did not respond.

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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