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James Comey Reacts to Steve Bannon's Fraud Charge

Former FBI director James Comey offered a mocking reaction to the news that Steve Bannon has been charged with wire fraud and money laundering.

CBS’s Margaret Brennan interviewed Comey on Sunday for Face The Nation, and she started things off by asking for his thoughts on the former White House chief strategist’s indictment by the Southern District of New York. As Brennan asked her question, she also noted that Bannon has joined a list of President Donald Trump’s allies and former campaign operatives who’ve run into legal troubles over the course of his presidency.

“It is another reminder of the kind of people this president surrounds himself with,” Comey said. “At this point, they could almost start their own crime family.”

The charges against Bannon and his three associates arise from their alleged embezzlement of funds people gave them for a crowdfunding effort to privately construct a portion of Trump’s promised southern border wall. Comey called this a “very serious fraud case” he broke down the accusations against Bannon, saying he and his co-conspirators are “in a world of trouble.”

“You know he’s in trouble because the indictment lays it out in such detail, including excerpts from texts,” Comey said. “If you’re Steve Bannon or his lawyers reading this, you’re saying ‘I’m going down here.’”

Watch above, via CBS.

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