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‘It takes a big person to have a small car’

Published: 8/28/2020 3:31:10 PM

I would like to recommend “Climate Change the Facts.” This is a BBC one-hour film describing very clearly the problems and the solutions to climate change.

The problems are great. By 2030, we need to cut our carbon output by half, and by 2050 we need to cut it to zero. Eventually we will need to remove carbon from our atmosphere.

Of even more concern are tipping points. These are unexpected “natural” events which we cannot undo. Things like a great ice melt, completely losing our rainforests or having methane in permafrost released into the air or methane hydrate under cold water go into the air. Methane is 21 times more disastrous for the climate than carbon dioxide.

The program shows all the things that science and industry are doing to try to prevent the climate change catastrophe. Wind and photovoltaics are growing by leaps and bounds. In some countries electric vehicles are becoming the way of life. In the United Kingdom an average person puts 13 tons of carbon dioxide in the air each year. We do much more in the United States.

A few people are learning to live small so that they can live in the world without destroying the planet. Frankly, the program scared me. As Greta Thunberg says, we do not seem to be changing. People are adding to their houses rather than adding solar panels to their houses. People are flying to Australia rather than building energy efficiency into their houses.

These are educated, intelligent people. They are destroying their children’s future because they want more stuff. In an overcrowded unjust world it takes a big person to have a small car or a small house and vice versa.

John Howard

South Hadley

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