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Hong Kong’s fight for political freedom is also a fight for reproductive justice

Since the raid on Apple Daily and Next Digital, journalists in Hong Kong have worried that they would be targeted and prosecuted under the national security law (NSL). Photojournalist Laurel Chor tweeted: “After Jimmy Lai’s arrest, I wondered whether I should freeze my eggs in case I am in jail for the remainder of my fertile years.”

Back in June, before the implementation of the law, Sebastian Skov Andersen and Joyce Leung interviewed several Hongkongers, who explained that they recently decided not to have children because they feared they would be subjected to an oppressive government and an education system that stifles intellectual freedom.

Photo: KH/United Social Press.

Put differently, these Hongkongers did not believe that their children would have a safe future in the city, and hence they would rather not have any. Their reluctance is reflected in the most recent statistics: the Census and Statistics Department reported on August 13 that the birth rate in Hong Kong has hit a record low since 2005.

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