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Hints From Heloise: Don’t get scammed

2. Change your password immediately to block access to hackers.

3. Make sure your antivirus software is current.

4. Delete emails from anyone you don’t recognize.

As frightening as blackmail scammers may seem, they’re almost always bluffing. Just be aware, and don’t give them a chance to take advantage of you.

Dear Readers: Here are new uses for old sweaters:

● Cut off the sleeves, and use as leg warmers.

● Put five or six sweaters together to make a throw.

● Cover an old pillow for a snuggly pet bed.

● Use to cover a hot water bottle.

● Create a unique purse or reusable shopping bag.

● Save the yarn, and use to knit something else.

Dear Heloise: My daughter-in-law tells her children that medicine is candy when she tries to give them something the doctor has prescribed. I feel this is a dangerous thing to do. I worry that they’ll get into the other medications thinking they are candy

Vera in Oregon: You’re absolutely correct. Never lie to a child and tell them that medicine tastes good or it’s actually candy. Let them know why they are taking it and how it will help them get better. Give the child some juice or a cracker before and after they take their medicine to help cover the taste.

Dear Heloise: Some mornings I find I can’t get out of bed. I just don’t have the strength to pull myself up. What can I do?

— Joseph E., Cuero, Tex.

Joseph E.: Tie a piece of rope to your bedpost or to the side of the metal mattress frame. Tie knots at intervals to have a good grip. Grab the rope in the morning, and pull yourself up, then slowly swing your legs to the side of the bed so you can stand up. You can pin the rope to your sheets so it’s easy to find.

Dear Heloise: I travel for my job, and after a long trip by car I just hate cleaning all that grime off my car’s grill, so I use an old toilet brush. It works great!

Joan: This is such a good idea. You can also use an old vegetable brush.

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