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Coronavirus Ireland county cases: Four areas see big rise as Covid-19 continues to spread

Four counties saw a big rise in new coronavirus cases as the virus continues to spread across the country, new statistics show.

Dublin and Kildare were once again the hardest-hit counties, reporting 58 and 20 new cases respectively.

They were followed by Donegal and Limerick, which both recorded 14 new infections each.

Wexford, with eight, and Tipperary, with six, also saw noticeable increases.

The latest county-by-county breakdown.

In total, 16 counties saw a rise in the number of infections reported.

The latest full breakdown covers the period up to midnight on Friday, August 28.

It comes after it emerged the number of coronavirus cases worldwide has surged past 25 million amid fears a second wave has hit Europe.

The latest figures come as India marked a worldwide record for daily new cases in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Latest data showed steady global growth as the disease’s epicentre shifts again, with India taking centre stage from the United States and Latin America.

India’s single-day tally of 78,761 new coronavirus infections on Sunday exceeded the one-day increase of 77,299 reported by the United States in mid-July.

The south Asian country’s surge took the global caseload to 25,074,751.

The official number of global coronavirus cases is now at least five times the number of severe influenza illnesses recorded annually, according to World Health Organization data.

Around the world, there have been more than 840,000 deaths, considered a lagging indicator given the two-week incubation period of the virus.

That has exceeded the upper range of 290,000 to 650,000 annual deaths linked to influenza.

Here is Ireland’s full county-by-county breakdown:

County Number of cases % of total Change since the day before
Carlow 244 0.8 +1
Cavan 892 3.1 No change
Clare 461 1.6 +4
Cork 1,638 5.7 +4
Donegal 537 1.8 +14
Dublin 13,330 46.4 +58
Galway 514 1.8 No change
Kerry 328 1.1 +2
Kildare 2,243 7.8 +20
Kilkenny 400 1.4 +2
Laois 383 1.3 +1
Leitrim 85 0.3 No change
Limerick 736 2.5 +14
Longford 294 1 No change
Louth 825 2.9 +1
Mayo 588 2.1 +1
Meath 898 3.1 +1
Monaghan 570 2 No change
Offaly 622 2.2 No change
Roscommon 362 1.2 No change
Sligo 156 0.6 No change
Tipperary 697 2.4 +6
Waterford 189 0.7 No change
Westmeath 689 2.4 No change
Wexford 294 1 +8
Wicklow 743 2.6 +3

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