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Alex Jones clashes with Michael Ball in heated 'staycation' row: 'I don't follow!' | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Alex, 43, and Michael, 58, were joined in The One Show studio by Watchdog presenter Matthew Allwright, 50, to discuss the impact of holidays being cancelled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Throughout his report, the latter used the term “staycation” quite frequently as more and more families across the nation are opting to stay in the UK this summer. However, the theatre star didn’t quite agree with the definition of the word as he and his co-host ending up having a slightly heated moment on the BBC programme.

“The term staycation, every time we mention it we get a barrage of people’s different opinions on Twitter, etc,” Alex said following Matthew’s report.

Michael then added his opinion: “It’s obvious what it means. Staycation means you’re staying at home.

“If you’re going on holiday, doesn’t matter where it is – in this country or somewhere else – it’s a vacation,” he affirmed.

“But is staying at home not just saying at home?” his co-host asked, to which he declared: “No, it’s a staycation.”

The Watchdog presenter was then brought into the debate as he asked his colleagues: “How can you stay in a hotel that maybe somewhere else?”

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Hitting back at his co-star’s comments, Michael chimed: “I don’t follow your logic,” before they offered some alternatives.

“How about a UK-cation?” Matthew shared, to which the theatre star replied: “A U-cation,” before thanking the Watchdog presenter for his time. 

By the end of the show, the hosts were talking about the matter once more as they addressed some viewers comments on the term “staycation”.

Speaking on behalf of a viewer called Karen, Alex’s co-host said: “My thoughts are if you holiday in the country you live in, it’s a staycation.”

“I think a holiday in the UK is definitely a staycation. We had a little caravan staycation a couple of weeks ago and it was nice to explore new places away from home,” the host continued.

Reading another viewer’s comments, Michael added: “For me a staycation is staying at home, not going on holiday but doing things at home.

“Maybe camp in the garden and go out locally. Going away in the UK is just like going on holiday,” he said.

Alex rounded off the discussion by explaining: “You all hate the term staycation – that’s what we’ve learnt tonight.”


Michael is currently presenting with Alex as a collection of guest stars continue to fill in the role of the second host.

This is the umpteenth time the theatre star has sat alongside the mother-of-two and has had a welcome reception from viewers.

Thursday evening’s show will see the pair talking with Pointless host Richard Osman, 49, and sports presenter Gabby Logan, 47.

Next week, Alex will then be joined by a new co-star as Amol Rajan, 37, returns to the programme.

The One Show airs weeknights at 7pm on BBC One.

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