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A verse from ‘Coronus II’

Published: 8/20/2020 4:43:29 PM

Modified: 8/20/2020 4:43:18 PM

Coronus II, Verse 19, Letter from the Physician Anthony to the Covidians: “The Trumpet has sounded, but pay it little heed. It brays like the ass who thundereth the hills but says nothing of worth. When thou goest out to the marketplace, be thee careful to remain untouched by strangers, and neither shall thou touch thyself. (No, not like that. This time it’s thy face.) Thou shalt always wear facecoverings that hide thy countenance from others, and there will be no spreadeth of bodily essences onto the gathered tribes. Thou shalt wash thy hands at all times of day with the prescribed ritual chants of day of birth songs. Let this pestilence not weigh upon thee, for all things shall pass, thy locks will be shorn, and thou shall eat together at the table with thy neighbors.”

Jeff Krauth


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