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Hearing Erupts Over Mary Gay Scanlon Swipe at Jim Jordan

The House antitrust hearing went off the rails Wednesday afternoon following one Democrat swiping at Jim Jordan for his line of questioning to Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Jordan opened his line of questioning by asking, “Is Google going to tailor its features to help Joe Biden in the 2020 election?”

“We think political ads is an important part of free speech and democratic societies, and we engage with campaigns, you know, according to law, and we approach our work in a nonpartisan way,” Pichai responded.

Jordan asked the question again and got into a back-and-forth with Pichai about an issue he similarly confronted the Google CEO about in a previous hearing regarding an email from Google’s then-head of multicultural marketing about getting out the Latino vote in 2016.

Jordan asked Pichai for assurances that they won’t tailor their platform to help Biden and that they won’t use their platform to silence conservatives.

“You have my commitment. It’s always been true and we’ll continue to conduct ourselves in a neutral way,” Pichai responded.

The next questioner was Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon (D- NY), who — before confronting Jeff Bezos over Amazon’s acquisition of diapers.com — made a point of saying, “I’d like to redirect your attention to antitrust law rather than fringe conspiracy theories.”

Jordan immediately objected and a shouting match broke out, with shouts from Democrats like “be respectful of your colleague” and “Put your mask on!”

Jordan actually shot back, “If you want to talk about masks, why would the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury unmask Michael Flynn’s name?”

“When someone comes after my motives for asking questions, I get a chance to respond!” Jordan continued.

Chairman David Cicilline went back to Scanlon, who continued her line of questioning to Bezos.

You can watch above, via Fox Business.

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