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CNN's Jim Sciutto Rips Trump's 'Delay the Election' Tweet

CNN’s Jim Sciutto was shocked and angered by President Donald Trump’s Thursday morning tweet that suggested delaying the presidential election amid the coronavirus pandemic — noting that he’s “undermining the results in advance if he were to lose.”

Sciutto read Trump’s tweet aloud, which floated the idea of delaying the 2020 election due to his concerns over mail-in voting — urging the U.S. to wait until “people can properly, securely and safely vote.”

“Now we know you may feel like you hear and see a lot of crazy in the news, but this morning, the president, the sitting elected U.S. president — President Trump — has openly floated an idea that has never happened in this country’s history,” said Sciutto. “That is delaying the presidential election when of course his own term is up to your vote. It didn’t happen during the Civil War,  didn’t happen during World War II or I.”

Sciutto invited senior Washington corresponded Joe Johns to discuss Trump’s tweet, which came as the U.S. GDP suffered the worst recorded drop in American history — questioning if it was a legitimate and serious suggestion.

“That, in a string of tweets, hundreds of them throughout his presidency is a remarkable thing for a U.S. president to say,” Sciutto added. “To suggest particularly as his public support is dropping and the economy is suffering.”

Johns pointed out that Trump’s tweet ended with three question marks, but warned against underestimating the severity of the president’s suggestion to delay the election, despite his inability to actually do so.

“The big picture this president is delegitimizing and undermining an election yet to be held, set for November, in which polls show he’s in real trouble. And so the question, of course, is frankly: Can the president do that?” Johns said.

“If you look at the Constitution, the Elections Clause, it’s pretty clear it’s up to the legislature, in other words, the Congress of the United States, both houses of Congress, to determine the time, place and manner of federal elections.”

The Democrat-controlled House and the Republican-controlled Senate would both have to agree to delay the election, which is an incredibly unlikely scenario.

“Well, the other point here is if he cannot do this legally, this is part of a broader message, is it not?” John suggested. “Undermining the results in advance if he were to lose.”

“That whole tweet is about undermining the results before they happen, putting that prophylactic message out there that this is going to be a fraudulent election, which polls show he’s in real trouble,” Johns agreed. “Nonetheless, it’s pretty clear that mail-in voting works, and the president frankly is just in real trouble and that’s why you see this tweet.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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