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The Recorder - Trump the ‘Divider-in-Chief’

Published: 6/19/2020 8:15:10 AM

Modified: 6/19/2020 8:14:59 AM

Among the many roles and responsibilities of the President of the United States is acting as “Commander-in-Chief.” That is specified in the Constitution as related to the armed forces of the United States but can be expanded in a practical sense to “Uniter-in-Chief” for the whole country.

As head of our government, he should be acting as a “Uniter-in-Chief” in this very troubled time of COVID-19, economic distress and racial strife brought on by police brutality in the George Floyd killing rather than a “Divider-in-Chief” by playing to his base and ignoring the rest of the country. He is not the president of just white, evangelical, conservative America but of all Americans of any color, religion, race or background who live and work here. He doesn’t get it, never has and never will.

I have had enough of Trump. This November we need to elect a new “Uniter-in-Chief” to bring decency, respect and moral courage back to the leadership of my United States of America.

Harry Haldt


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