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The Recorder - Thank you and carry on the good fight

Published: 6/19/2020 12:41:16 PM

Modified: 6/19/2020 12:41:05 PM

I want to thank all my supporters who helped in my recent Select Board campaign. From the onset, I decided this effort was to be about issues, ideas, and new possibilities.

I held true to these principles. Trust, inclusiveness, accountability, and transparency in the town’s decision-making should be solid commonsense ideas that are the bedrock of any successful municipal government.

You 49% who voted for positive change and new, open ways to hold those in power accountable can still do so. A difference of seven votes in the election results is hardly a mandate. Rather, it exposes the deep divisions caused by years of missteps and misguided decisions.

A solid foundation of new proposals for effective, responsive governing has been built. It is now up to you collectively and individually to “carry the torch” and not let rumor, yellow journalism, indignation, and political spin remain as business as usual.

If positive change does not come to pass, it will have a chilling effect on volunteerism, for no one will want to volunteer if it means having to defend their character against the onslaught of negativity. People wanting to fulfill their civic duty should not have to endure a muckraking process. Heath will grind to a halt otherwise, with only like-minded “yes-men (and women)” deciding our future.

The door is open. The integrity of Heath matters to us all. Thank you.

Bob Bourke


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