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The Recorder - Cover your mouth and nose

Published: 6/26/2020 2:49:40 PM

I am going to be 70 in a few months and have well-controlled diabetes. Wherever I go in Greenfield, when I need to shop, I see people in the stores with no masks but more often with masks over the mouth but not the nose. What’s the point of that?

If that is you, you are neither caring for yourself or others because of the breathing through your nose. With the few medical exceptions, a mask not over both nose and mouth is no mask at all.

Please people, I am surely not the only one in an at risk category. We are opening up in the state but if we are not responsible as we go we could go backwards. I don’t want that and neither do you. Mouth and nose not covered = NO MASK AT ALL.

Don Campbell


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